Juneau! Helicopters, Glaciers, and Red Dogs..Oh My!

Waking up and heading into Juneau this morning was starting to get a bit depressing. The weather basically sucked. BA and I were wondering whether we would be able to take off on our helicopter flight landing on the glacier. We had arranged the trip through Coastal Helicopters and were surprised when the tour was not canceled. After donning special boots with spikes on the soles we were individually weighed for proper balancing in the copter. The copter held 6 people plus our pilot the only female pilot in the surrounding Juneau area. I will have more photos of this available for viewing at michaeldalberg.com soon. We booked our trip separately and found out later that the tours booked through the cruise line were canceled due to the weather. I guess we will never be sure whether the cruise line was more cautious or our tour company was not!
After the tour we headed into Juneau and met Joel and Barbara for lunch at the Red Dog Saloon.