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A wonderful time with friends!

Beauty And The Beast

A Loyal Wegmans Customer

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Relaxing Is NOT Hard To Do

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A Great Time Had By All!

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Hard Saying Goodbye To Yosemite

Good Morning Yosemite Valley, Spectacular Sunset Glacier Point

A Sonoma morning and an evening at Yosemite

A Day of Vineyards and Beaches

Off To The West Coast

A Drive Home To Beat The Storm

A Different Walk On A Boardwalk

A "Veg Out" Morning... An Evening Kayak Journey

An Afternoon Trip On A Cloudy Day

Riding The Dunes In Carova

Outer Banks and Kite Flying.. What Could Be Better

Scenes Of A Cold April Day

Havre De Grace and the Amtrak Train

Kayaking The Mullica River.... With a Nikon S1

Tis the luck of the Irish, and everyone else

Return of the D70!