Hard Saying Goodbye To Yosemite

The drive yesterday through Tioga Pass gave a different perspective to Yosemite. Driving North East towards Lake Mono we were able to see Half Dome from other angles as well as stopping at some lakes and streams to get our feet wet. Toward the end of the road we stopped at Tuolomne Meadows. Photos to follow. Upon reaching Lake Mono we stopped for lunch at one of the more popular diners known as the Whoa Nellie Deli. It is supposed to have people drive from all over to eat. After a little look see at the lake we headed for an afternoon at The Bodie Ghost Town. Many of the old shacks were from the 1800's with some dating as late as early 1900's. We arrived late in the evening at The Genoa House Inn located in the Lake Tahoe area town of Genoa. Venturing up to Carson City to a casino for something to eat was a mistake for in Nevada smoking is still allowed! As you would expect we bolted for Appleby's.