Riding The Dunes In Carova

After awaking Tuesday morning with no major plans for the day I saw an ad for Beach Jeeps Of Corolla where you rented a Jeep to go to the North beaches of the Outer Banks. They have the route on a map planned for you and when you reach the end of the paved Route 12 in Corolla you proceed on the beach( 4 wheel drive only) and you can actually ride up as far as the Virginia border. There are communities such as Swan Beach and the canals of Carova Beach. When you reach a milepost such as Carova you swing a left and zoom up over the dune roads and onto sandy "roads" that have small as well as large homes many on canals and Spanish ponies that unfortunately we were not able to see. I rented a 5 speed that made the trip that much more exciting for me.