A Day At Sea...An Evening In Victoria

After a relaxing day at sea where we enjoyed breakfast and lounged on a cool but sunny top deck we enjoyed a concert by Joel Mason, the same entertainer we saw earlier in the week impersonating Elton John only this show was of The Eagles. Absolutely incredible! At around 6:30 pm we cruised into Victoria, Canada and took a planned tour to Butchart Gardens and a fireworks extravaganza. The picture to the left of a sculpture at the gardens was taken with a flash but the rain left spots, etc, on the lens that I tried to correct but at the top where the sun is setting I left the little spots. I thought it gave the picture a "cool" look of evening stars. Unfortunately the rain got heavier as the fireworks started and when the smoke billowed into our faces we felt it was time to depart for the bus. It was a good thing as everyone else had the same idea.