Good Morning Sitka, Whales, Sea Otters and Salmon

This morning our ship arrived in Sitka, Alaska where we anchored and then tendered into town. We had not made any tour arrangements but that was not a problem. There were plenty of choices and as Joel and I made our way we noticed BA and Barbara were missing. We turned around to see them talking to a boat captain who could take 6 people on a 2 hour tour. What drew them to him? Well, of course this smart captain brought along his dog Eva! What a salesdog! Hook, Line, and Sinker! He headed out to all the back areas surrounding Sitka where we were treated to whales, sea otters (pictured left), and schools of salmon. More pictures to follow on This was an experience we will not forget. Afterwards we had lunch, shopped, and raced back for a 4:30 PM departure.