Paris, Our Final Full Day

Friday was a day of sightseeing first to the Eiffel Tower. We were told our reservation to go up the tower at been cancelled because of a technical difficulty and they would be adding Notre Dame to the sights including a tour. Turned out to be better. When we arrived outside of The Eiffel Tower the lines were massive, and although we wouldn't have had to wait to go up it turns out the elevators were broken and who knows when we would have made it. We toured the Notre Dame Cathedral and then the afternoon was devoted to the Palace at Versailles. The Hall of Mirrors was a highlight (pictured). The pool and gardens outdoor would reflect thought the mirrors with Marie Antoinette's bedroom off the hall.

Later that evening BA and I took a walk across a foot bridge from the Hotel and had dinner at a casual cafe. The sign said "English spoken here and the waiter did his best but I had some fun using the few words I learned!

I write this today, Saturday morning, 11:30, as we wait for our flight at Charles De Gaulle.