Lucern on Wednesday Some History and Relaxation

Wednesday morning, after breakfast, we departed our hotel for the top of Mount Pilatus. Rising to a level of almost 7000 feet, we reached the top via one of the world's steepest cogwheel railways. As we made the climb we passed hikers on trails that run along the route and cattle that were actually wearing cowbells! Upon arriving at the top where there is an old hotel The Hotel Pilatus-Kulm we were able to climb up to a perch on the peak for a breathtaking view of Lucern as well as the Alps. We descended Mount Pilatus first by a larger cable car holding 20 plus people and then switching to a smaller cable car for 4 that we rode to the bottom.

We returned to the hotel and then the rest of the day was leisure for us. Lunch was at an outdoor cafe along the lake on a gorgeous warm and sunny afternoon. Wine and pizza! We strolled along Lake Lucern and visited shops until returning for dinner at the hotel provided by the tour company. Later that evening, we took an evening stroll along the lake ( see picture above) and then for drinks at a rooftop bar above the hotel.

I write this Thursday AM as we head toward Paris for our last leg of the journey.