Amsterdam, Holland to Heidelberg, Germany

Monday morning after breakfast we boarded our coach for our journey from Amsterdam to our destination for the evening, Heidelberg. Along the way, we first stopped at the German border for a quick break and snack and then on to Cologne for lunch. We split up on our own and BA and I found a charming cafe called Cafe Reichard where we dined on a risotto with asparagus and fresh vegetables in a cream sauce with a small piece of fried mozzarella. Surprisingly light! People sat in the outdoor cafe with their lunch along with their dogs! We then headed for a drive along the Rhine until we reached a town called St Goar, on the "Father Rhine" and we boarded a cruise boat taking us down river to a town called Bacharach about an hour long cruise. We sat outside on the top deck with a bottle of local Reisling wine, the more popular grown in the area. We passed many vineyards along the Rhine some from as early as 1575 and the churches such a the one pictured. We arrived in Heidelberg at The Hotel Leonardo around 7pm and had the dinner provided. A broth and dumpling much like a matzoh ball soup, Bratwurst with sauerkraut and German potato salad.

I write this as we head from Heidelberg to first the Black Forest and then to Lucern, Switzerland.