Yippy-yi-oh! Yippy-yi-yay!

Awaking to a glittering Bear Lake and a breakfast of Sausage Quiche, fresh fruit, biscuits and plenty of coffee we were primed and ready for our trip towards Jackson, WY (also known as Jackson Hole) and our final destination for the next few days of Moran Junction and the Luton's Teton Cabins. We arrived mid afternoon and had lunch in Jackson at The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar where each bar stool is a saddle. We all decided to try Buffalo burgers which tasted much like a regular burger perhaps just a bit greasier although that could be the way they cook it! After lunch, and checking out a few shops, we proceeded north and the 30 minute ride to our cabin through Grand Teton National Park. Plenty of warnings to watch for animals but the most we saw were grazing buffalo.
We spent the evening back in Jackson Hole at the Jackson Rodeo (see picture above). It was a first for all of us and it was a blast. The actual highlight of my evening was a 6 year old girl riding her horse around barrels in the same time trials the adults were doing. Amazing just to see a girl her age cantering no less guiding this horse around those barrels. Afterward the 4th would not be the same without fireworks and we were able to enjoy them from Jackson Hole, WY.