A Unique Opportunity To Dance With A Wolf

First stop today would be Gull Point Road just south of the Fishing Bridge along Yellowstone Lake for a picnic lunch before proceeding to The Grand Canyon Of Yellowstone. Along the way we passed American Bison grazing along the pastures and even down at the road. The buffalo/bison like what the warm geysers, etc, produce and roll around in it to get the bugs and fleas, off themselves. We also saw a lone coyote atop a hill as we drove by. The canyon, while not nearly as remarkable as Grand Canyon, was well worth the visit if not just to reiterate the differences that the park offers.
Dinner was at The Snow Lodge Restaurant at Old Faithful.
Afterward we boarded The Yellow Bus Tour's Twilight Firehole River tour for the highlight of our day. Rich, a 30 year veteran tour bus driver, was able to show us much along the Firehole River also explaining about how the park is open most of the year for the snowmobiler and how he drives the special snow coaches that are the only way to transport people into the park in the winter. Along the tour we spotted a lone wolf (pictured above) coming towards us and a stream for water. Rich says this sighting is unusual and he rarely sees them on a tour. Our evening ended with a two hour drive back through the park at night to our cabin. The going was slow and dark as we had to look for any animals crossing the road.