Somebody Call Dr. Doolittle.......

We were having trouble locating any types of wildlife until late in the day when we came across this elk lounging and enjoying the weather.
Our day started with the drive in to The Grand Tetons National Park and the drive up to Yellowstone. Pulling off the side of the road at various turn outs allowed us multiple photo opportunities. First stop was West Thumb Geyser Basin and a walk around the hot springs, mudpots, etc. After a nice picnic lunch we headed up to Old Faithful. The geyser was our first stop and pictures were plentiful (many to follow after the trip) then we walked over to the Old Faithful Inn with its unique rustic design, hordes of visitors, and, of course, the fabulous gift shop! With the time around 5PM we decided to head back the approx 45 miles out and as we did we saw a group of people on the side of the road which meant only one thing.... an animal sighting! We were in luck as we saw not one but two large elk described above. Now, hopefully, we can find BA's elusive moose!
Dinner was back at the cabin as Phil and I barbecued steaks, potatoes, zucchini and a nice Cabernet. A great first day in the parks!