We Say Goodbye To Yellowstone and Hello to Rock Spring?

We left the Yellowstone and Grand Teton area this morning but not before having a hearty breakfast at The Buffalo Valley Cafe It was a spectacular and cool morning and we headed up the winding highway towards DuBois, WY (pronounced "Do Boy"). Lots of construction going on there as crews are always repairing rock slides in the area caused from the long winters. This road is closed when the snow is just to heavy fro them to clear. Along the route we reached a height where snow patches were still visible along the side of the road.
Arriving at DuBois we decided to drive to the top of the Scenic Overlook and we were rewarded with spectacular views of the Absaroka and Wind River Mountains. We continued from DuBois towards Lander through what is known as the Badlands. Lander is a hip sort of town with many young people into climbing living there. One such young man recently opened a small bakery and natural eatery called Apple Valley Cafe and we dined on chicken salad sandwiches for lunch.
Our final stretch for the day was from Lander to Rock Springs (the bakery owner pretty much asked why?) and were lucky enough to see this view pictured above of the Red Desert Valley. We also took a side route along a dirt road leading to Atlantic City, WY and The South Pass City Historic Site. The final leg of the trip was to Rock Springs, a mining town and our evening at Miners Repose Bed and Breakfast. The town was quite old and industrial, and we were a little bit concerned at what we might find, but the B and B was exceptional and Tim and Julie are wonderful hosts that rent two rooms year round.
Our late dinner was in town at Bitter Creek Brewery.