Sorry. Just had to get that in. We know the temp at home has been brutal but this morning we awoke to 32 degrees and we will hit a high of 61 and sunny. The morning started with a loop of the Grand Teton Park and a first stop at The Maud Noble Cabin and The Menors Ferry Historic District across the Snake River and Moose, WY. (A precursor of what to come). Next stop was Jenny Lake and a boat ride across to a group of trail heads and climbing trails. The trip across the lake was a lucky one as along the shoreline we finally spotted a moose (pictured above). Evidently these sightings are more elusive than we thought. Once across the lake we took a moderate (so they say, whew!) hike up to Hidden Falls where along with the falls we viewed many day hikers climbing the Tetons.
Continuing on we drove up to the top of Signal Mountain close to 8000 feet and another spectacular view of the Tetons and surrounding areas. High atop the mountain was the "historic cell tower" built in honor of all the children who prior were having "text withdrawal"!!
We headed back to the cabins for a quick stop and then went to dinner at The Buffalo Valley Cafe a small home style cafe nearby dining on fried chicken sweet potato fries and then shared home made rhubarb pie! Excellent! Afterward we took a drive looking for elusive animals but encountered what looked like a herd of zombie cattle. We stopped and the bull started to stare us down while the rest of them started to slowly meander towards us! One very scary black cow with a white face and beady eyes gave us proper cause to get lost! Another great day!!