Red, White and Blue

Was the program we saw at the Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo. Performed by students from The Classical Voice Of North Carolina they performed many numbers both patriotic and fun from musicals by Sondheim to old Gershwin tunes. Very"Choralier-esque"!! Pictured left was their take of "The Egg" from 1776. As you can tell the stage faces the Roanoke Sound and what was really cool, and certainly not planned, was the 3 masted sailing vessel that just happened to go by while they were performing it! I don't think they even knew it.
Earlier that day we had breakfast at Bob's "Eat and Get The Hell Out" and then FINALLY got to The Wright Brothers Memorial. After the evening concert we went to Slammin Sammy's to have a burger and watch some of the All Star Game.