Our Last morning at OBX..Plus a LOOOONG Ride Home!

Well, not much could top the terrific full moon rising we saw on our own "private beach" pictured left and we were pretty much right. This morning while BA was doing last minute cleaning I snuck out for one last boat ride. I headed out about two miles until I could see the western side bridges that leave Roanoke Island for mainland NC including the older Manns Harbor bridge and it was certainly visible and can be accessed by boat. After returning we leisurely packed up and finally left about 12 noon. I decided the best route would be the highways past Williamsburg towards Elliot and Marcias place in VA and north 95 because I was afraid of the RT13 beach traffic we hit on the way down last week. BIG mistake. Traffic, traffic, and more traffic! We finally reached Oceanport at 10:30 Pm and we only stopped 3 times! I will have to re-think the route and time for next months trip.
All in all BA and I had such a great time we have taken to calling this our belated honeymoon!
You can view some of my favorite shots of the trip here.