Fireworks.."I Hardly Knew Ye"

As I caught the almost empty train out of NYC Thursday evening I had the idea that when we reached South Amboy we may start to get a few extra passengers riding the train to see the Red Bank Fireworks. Yikes! A few was an understatement! By the time we reached the Red Bank station the train was filled with loud, screaming and ready to party passengers. I was happy BA and I decided to opt out of seeing them this year. Unfortunetely it is always an adventure getting home so we decided to skip them this year. With that being said I figured we'd miss seeing some until a phone call from "Ma amd Pa" Apruzzi put us on the fast track to the Atlantic Highlands Firemans Fair.
Along with Allie, Caroline and Jack we attended what was a very similar if not the same carnival as the Oceanport Lions Fair. The one major difference was the Fireworks! (Pictured left) Now, I generally do not take photos of fireworks, ( I have tried in the past) but I liked the setting along the Atlantic Highlands Marina as a backdrop so I tried it and here are some of my favorites.