You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

A Christmas Story House
No trip to Cleveland would be complete without a trip to the original A Christmas Story House, right??. Well maybe the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is a bit more important but more on that later.
The restored house from the movie now allows you to stay overnight in a room upstairs. We were there on a weekday and the place was quite busy. The fans of this b movie never cease to amaze me.
Of course I HAD to tell the tour guide I played Jean in the musical version!
Standing next to Jean Shephard Memorabilia
During the tour I was asked by a man to photograph him while he climbed under the kitchen sink where Randy hid from his father. Truth! From the car used in the movie, (FUDGE but I didn't say fudge) to the notepad used for C+ and PS You'll shoot your eye out...were all there.  Fun Fact....they just bought the "Bumpus" house next door and are converting it into a bed and breakfast!
The Olds that had the infamous flat! Fuuuuuuuuuddddgggeeeee!

The lamp seen up and down Cleveland Street

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!!
Along with the usual gift shop there is a museum with props from the movie included Randy's snowsuit and toys from Higbees window.
While you are at it you can catch a live glimpse of the house at any time...Wow?