Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

Slugger Museum Entrance
While in Louisville a trip to the Slugger Museum and Factory was in order. This is the only place they continue to make the wooden maple or older ash bats. (They do make some metal bats overseas).
There are different brands of wooden bats used in the bigs but Louisville's are still the most known to the average fan. 
The Babe and Jeter
Jeter notes that he used the same model bat from Little League through the majors. While ash wood is still used the majority of bats are now maple.
Some very cool artifacts are here in the museum including the bat Joe D hit his 56th game record setter.
Joe DiMaggio Bat used in the 56th straight game
They give you a very cool opportunity to hold the model bat used by your favorite player. Since mine was Mickey Mantle I was sure to try it from both sides of the plate. ;)
Mickey Mantle's Style Bat (The sandals make the outfit....right?)

Mantle's Bat Imprint