..... And An Afternoon at Jim Beam

Jim Beam Distillery
After our morning at Churchill Downs we headed off to the Jim Beam Distillery for the plant tour.
(Note any where you go on their website they require you to enter your age). A very cool tour introducing us to the history as well as the different types of bourbon now made. 
According to Beam " All bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon"
They now make numerous types with flavors or higher proofs.
Barrel Types
The only thing that can be added to Bourbon itself is water and that is just to bring down the proof.
They make a brand I had found out about while reading a novel the main character drank. I was never aware the brand was made by Beam! It's called Knob Creek (I am sure it was arranged product placement). They give you a opportunity (for $49.95) to "bottle" your very own. 
Here I am "cleaning" the bottle
The process includes cleaning the bottle and that is done with....what else..... bourbon! After that the bottle is placed on the belt where it is filled, labeled and finally the black wax seal where I was able to add my thumb print signifying it was mine. I haven't tried it yet and will probably wait until Florida!