Off We Roll....Rollin' Into Retirement Begins

Preparing to leaver Pine Cone in Freehold
We left this morning for Gettysburg Battlefield KOA. Our first stop on a 5 week journey to our snowbird home at the Sunshine RV Resort in Vero Beach Florida.
If you plan on visiting Pine Cone RV Resort (the word resort leaves a lot to the imagination) and have a large RV be extra careful. They choose not to trim back the trees and now I have scratches to buff out. A review on this campground will follow soon.
My Co-Pilot (BA) Checks on Nina before departure
The 187 mile trip to Gettysburg was quite easy so we decided to make the trip without stopping. While Google says this is a 3 hour trip it took us about 3 and a half hours traveling highways at only 55MPH.
As I unhooked the Jeep I had a minor issue with the Patriot II brake system while removing the pedal attachment. I was able to temporarily fix it but I called Blue Ox and they are overnighting me a replacement! Great service! This pull through site will allow me to attach the Jeep right here before we leave. 


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