St. Augustine.....The Oldest City and Bryn Mawr RV Resort

View Of Bryn Mawr RV Resort from the beach
After a relaxing week in the Alabama Gulf Shores we headed east towards St Augustine and Bryn Mawr RV Resort.  We felt this 450 mile trip (probably 8+ hours for us was a bit much so we broke it up with a stop in Tallahassee at Big Oak RV Park. We decided to stay one full day to stock supplies ( we found a Trader Joe) and some clean up in the coach. That left us an easy trip on Thursday morning the 4th for the three nights at the resort. Bryn Mawr does have some bad reviews for the width of the roads within the park (very narrow) and it floods pretty bad during heavy rains. Fortunately we had perfect weather and we were very careful pulling in and out. Being steps from the ocean make up for those issues quickly and I would definitely return.
BA and Nina getting their toes wet in the St Augustine surf
BA and I did the St Augustine tour with The Old Town Trolley. The trolley looped around the city allowing you to get off when you liked and then jump back on. The old town itself was spotted with shops and restaurants where we had a nice lunch at The Bull And The Crown Pub. Some of the sites like the Old Jail were a bit hokey but the Fountain Of Youth....well what can I say? I am years younger. We were also able to take a boat tour around Matanzas River and the Old Lighthouse.
BA and I drinking from The Fountain Of Youth
On our last night before leaving to our final destination of Vero Beach we found a great place on the Matanzas River called Salt Water Cowboys. They had just added back the seasonal choice of Rock Shrimp. It is something I had never tried. It was served in garlic and butter and you need to pick the meat out of the shells. It is more of a lobster consistency.
Rock Shrimp with a loaded potato
We leave Sunday Oct 7th for our short trip to our winter home in Vero Beach. Sunshine Travel RV.
Keep a lookout for more to come!