Nina Comments On Her First RV Trip

Hello all you human people. Mike (Dad) has allowed me time on his travel blog to give you my thoughts on my first RV trip. We packed up our things on Thursday morning of last week for a trip to our first stop in Copake NY. I like riding in the back seat but the conversation is usually one sided so I just listen to what BA and Mike chat about. Seems they talk a lot about retirement when they are in the RV mode. Mike likes the way his fifth wheel hooks up so easy but I could hear BA yelling don't forget the tug test....did you do the tug test? I have no idea what that is but it was obviously important. Sitting in the back seat is fine but I can't see them. Maybe they will realize I need to sit in the middle so I can get some of that AC and maybe an occasional treat handed back to me?? Oh! I think we are pulling over for a stop! Love these! I get to walk around the rest area and people tell me how cute I am. Guess what? Mike and BA read my mind! I am now in the middle! Duh! No brainer, right? Wonder what took them so long to realize it. After Copake we went to New Hampshire to the White Mountains. I got to go on a 3 mile hike up and back down Monument Mountain and then got to see BA's friends the Lydon's. I have been seeing many other dogs but no moose. What's up with that? Tons of moose signs and no moose to be found? We are now in Lake George. We woke up during the night to heavy rain pounding the roof. BA woke Mike up and asked if the windows were closed. He grumbled and got up to shut them. Exciting, huh? I love this. We head back today for NJ. It's raining still. This should be fun!
Love Nina