We're Baaaaaack. OBX Let's Give It Another Try!

After two years we are back in OBX with the "Mertz's" who, unfortunately, had to leave early with us back in Aug 06, and never really got a chance to experience it here. We arrived about 7PM after a relatively smooth, 8 hour(whew) ride down from "Joisey". Penny decided she would enjoy a week at the RBVH "Spa" where she is probably having her nails trimmed and painted as we speak. Elliot and Marcia are able to join us for the first few days which is nice, incidentally, since it is their place! After arriving we sat down to some pasta, etc, from our favorite pizza joint, Slice in Kill Devil Hills. A little wine, food, conversation, and a glass of port. What a great way to start the week!