It's Raining..Now What Do We Do?

If you are among the 4 trillion other people who asked the same question you head north to Duck and Corolla to shop. Yikes! The traffic for a Wednesday afternoon was bumper to bumper and for times did not move. But so what! We are on vacation. After lunch at the Route 12 Steak and Seafood we were happy and content. Just ask the "Mertz's" (pictured left). The "fuel" allowed us to make our way through the "sea of humanity" in the Tim Buc II shopping plaza for the remainder of the afternoon. The evening came to an end with dinner at The Flying Fish Cafe where we dined on Cobia, Oysters, Crab, Filet and Lamb! Wine was a Beringer Pinot Grigio for Carrie and Phil, Glass Mountain Chardonnay for BA and a Vodka Martini for Mike who also managed to sneak in a glass of "cheapaz" port.