Off To Storage......Prepping the Beast For a Month Long Trip

UHaul Storage Route 9 Toms River, NJ

Today's visit to storage included a test of our new video camera YI 4K Action Camera.
Using this is still a bit rough around the edges but we will get used to it. We want to keep a video diary of our trip as well as post episodes to You Tube.
Heading To The Storage Unit
With the help of my trusty videographer I explain the plan of the day is to head to UHaul in Toms River. We have packed up an initial load of dishes, clothes, shoes etc that we will store inside and re-arrange the coach as best as possible most likely taking some items home not needed.
"The Beast" in Storage
After arriving we took the time to unload, sort, reposition and take home the items not needed.
Then it was time to finish the video.
Explaining The Connections
Finishing up the video I explain the piggyback connections I had to use the 110 trickle charge that UHaul offers.  A link to the video can be found here. Please excuse the rustiness of the production as we are learning and the video is currently not public!
Look for our review of the storage area in an upcoming post