Our First Trip (Off to The White Mountains and More)

We departed our home base of The Great Divide in Newton, NJ yesterday morning (Thursday) for a 3 hour trip to our first stop, Copake KOA, in West Copake NY. About two hours in to the trip we decided to pull off at a rest stop for a quick break. This is our rig hooked up. Hitching and un-hitching a fifth wheel is light years easier than a trailer(at least in my opinion). It is also a dream to drive, as well as maneuver in to sites.

We arrived at Copake KOA around 3PM. Here at Copake they escort you to your site to be sure you find it and are situated to your liking.

After setting up "camp" we took a little walk around the campground. They have a dog park with an agility course! Pictured below is Nina getting ready to jump through the hoop. Did she?? Those of you who know Nina have the answer!

Finally, it was time to grill up some burgers and have dinner! Of course a little wine is part of the plan!