Weekend at West Point

View from the campus looking
north up the Hudson River
Carrie, Phil, BA and I left Saturday morning on a leisurely drive to West Point first stopping at Bear Mountain. Abnormally warm weather and a beautiful sunny day provided a back drop while we strolled through the park and through their zoo. Later we traveled in to town where we checked in to The Thayer Hotel. We last stayed there for Allie and Paul's wedding in 2000. Lunch was at Schades Restaurant in Highland Fall just outside the main gate. One interesting note. Carrie made dinner reservations in Cold Spring on the eastern side of the Hudson River at a place called Cathryn's Tuscan Grill. When we arrived and started up the walk to the door I realized we had been there before. It was the same restaurant Len and Marlene Pickell along with their daughter Brittany took us to the night before Allie and Paul's wedding! I even remembered the table we sat at. It is still owned by the same woman but since then she has enlarged it. Dinner was Grilled Veal Scallopine, with Sautéed Garlic and Parsle, Fresh Tagliolini Pasta with Half-Lobster, Mussels, and Clams, with choice of Red or White Sauce, Fresh Fettucini with Zucchini Flowers, Currants, Pignoli, and Anchovies and shared desserts and then a nightcap in the bar at The Thayer.
The next morning we had a breakfast buffet at The Thayer and then took a one hour tour of The West Point Campus. Pictured above is a view from the campus looking north up The Hudson River. On the way home we stopped in Tarrytown, NY 
and had lunch in a cute place called The Sweetgrass Grill. There we had a salmon burger, hamburger, black bean and mushroom burger and chicken salad wrap. All excellent. 
A whirlwind and fun weekend for us all!