A New Monopod, etc

Stopped off at The Photo Center in Brick yesterday and picked up a Promaster C526 Carbon Fiber Monopod and a Manfrotto 234RC Quick Release Ball Head. I thought about using my Manfrotto 488RC2 ball head I have for my regular Manfrotto 3001BD Tripod but that head really was a bit too large. Both heads have the quick release I currently have attached to my Nikon D200 so it works well. I took a ride with Nina and BA to Sandy Hook yesterday to give them a "test drive" and found the monopod light and easy to handle. I love the twist lock and unlock feature rather than the usual pull open and close style. It is extremely light and with the strap you can easily undo the quick release to remove it and it can just hang on your wrist or you can pop it back in the bag. I stopped in BH Photo on 34th street Thursday evening looking for a photo equipment style messenger bag. I found this model.
Tenba Small Photo Photo/Laptop Messenger Bag

It is a Tenba Small Photo/Laptop Messenger Bag with removable insert. It will hold an Ipad or up to a 13' laptop. I ordered it in the store and had it shipped free (no sales tax) and will receive it tomorrow.
Nice lens still a bit pricy for what I would use it for. The guys here were extremely courteous while helping me decide on which monopod and were more than happy to let me try the Tamron with my D200.

Here is a photo taken yesterday of the Sandy Hook Lighthouse using the monopod.
Notice the moon to the upper left?