Nina's First Boat Ride! Ahoy Nina!!

After a breakfast here at home we headed out to The Oregon Inlet and one of the beach accesses. After dropping the tire pressure in the Jeep down to about 22lbs we headed out to the waters edge. It seems sandier here than it was in Corolla and it is a good thing we lowered the pressure down that far. People were getting stuck out there. After exiting, I pulled out our Coleman tire inflater. It took the first three tires around 5 minutes each to inflate to enough pressure to drive when the Park Ranger stopped to tell me there was a tire inflation station across the street at the marina for a $1.00 donation. Duh! Now he tells me!
From there it was a quick stop at Bodie Lighthouse (their little makeover they were doing last year may be still going on but the scaffolding is now gone) and then lunch at Sam and Omie's. Now a trip to the Coach outlet!! We ended our afternoon with a little cruise on Uncle Elliot's boat and Nina's first boat ride. Now, what's for dinner???