A Quiet "Veg Out" Day

We started out the day with a trip south to Cape Hatteras. The sun appeared but the wind coming in off the ocean in gusts created lots of waves and white caps both in the ocean and the sound. When we arrived at Hatteras next to the ferry to Ocracoke we noticed that Dirty Dicks had opened a restaurant. We both were hungry so we decided to have lunch.
BA had the hamburger and I had an Oyster "Po Boy" the fries were just fair but the hush puppies were as good as always. On our return trip we were delayed as North Carolina road crews were busy clearing the blowing sand dunes off the road with a front end loader caused by the gusty cross winds off the ocean. Upon our return we drove over to the pool and shot the video above. Dinner was at a steak house called JK's. I highly recommend it. I had a Kansas City steak mesquite grilled and BA had a petite fillet. All in all a wonderful first day.