A Getatway Long Weekend.... And Lots Of Memories

BA and I had scheduled this long weekend in OBX a few months back but with Penny being sick we had decided to skip it. Penny, obviously, would have none of it and must have pushed the issue as here we are! It is a little strange as we have never taken this trip alone without her. On our trip last July she was sailing on Uncle Elliot's boat as usual.
Our trip south was easy as we made only one stop while listening to a book on tape that with perfect timing ended just as we were going over the bridge into OBX. We arrived about 3:30 and relaxed a bit, set up the Wii, and around 7PM headed out to The Outer Banks Brewing Station for dinner (it was pasta night) . We ended our first evening at home with a glass of "cheap az" port and a little TV.