Lavallette Worlds Fair

The prospect of opening a Time Capsule was intriguing so when BA asked me to come down to her school, The Lavallette Elementary School to photograph for the morning I jumped at the chance. After arriving I was taken to the beach where a fun run started from the edge of the beach going north back on to the boardwalk and south to the finish line. The day proved ominous with strong storms predicted but there seemed to be some sort of bubble around the school protecting it. After some quick shots outside I proceeded to photograph the rest of the day which included, songs, artwork, displays, a fashion show, and other things related to around the world. Finally as the day wound down I asked BA where and when is the Time capsule to be opened? "Oh we opened that during the school day in advance". "Where is it?" I asked. "In the library where you were photogr
aphing during the day". Yikes! I never even noticed it! Here are a few shots. No, the Apple Computer did not fit in the capsule!